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Conversation Between xMaTTx and SuXrys

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  1. I don't see you around in here so much anymore... :3 Where are you? :'(
  2. Don't worry about it. I didn't do much but it's still very good news to hear that you feel better again! )
  3. I just wanted to thank u again for last night :3 that really doesnt happen often. But today I'm great.
  4. I feel bad that I probably wont be online for so much longer thought. =(
  5. Listen there is no worries at all! I know the feeling of panic attacks, how your whole body just stops function the way you want to, how the panics increase and increase and how you can't control yourself even if you want to. You get full of energy but at the same time feel so powerless. Uff, no having panic attacks isn't something nice to have at all! I really feel for you, I really really and truly do.

    It's a good thing thought that the attack that you had seems to start to go away now, that's good. But continue to take long breath and relaxing for a while more anyway, because panic attacks gets back easily even if you think that they have passed. So try to relax some more. You should, as I also mentioned before, think of taking away your number from that OP. Just click on the edit option in the right corner and then save. But it's your decision of course. Again, hope that the panic attack will go away completely soon.
  6. Thank you so much I'm startin to ca down right now , thank u it means a lot to me!.

    When no one else would. You helped me m!
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