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Conversation Between Steven21088 and Mugiwara-no-Basuke

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  1. No worries mate.

    Well it's going ok so far working later tonight, may go out with the lads when im finished how about yours.
  2. Glad you liked them adn tks for your comment

    So, how's going to be your weekend?
  3. There are some very nice photograph's there dude.
  4. That's great I already did it, it'd be great if you could check and comment my thread:
  5. I do very much so, I have been debating whether or not to post some of my photographs and my art work. How about you? do you like photography.
  6. So, do you like photography?
  7. Ah ah, thanks sir
  8. I would imagine that getting through the anime you want to watch would take a very very long time. My hat is off to you good sir.
  9. Ah ah
    Ok, thanks for that Loool, why do say so?
  10. Well while yours is growing slowly mine has come to and absolute stand still ahah

    Ye I have the movie they released and I think that is really good, but I have heard that the series is supposed to quite good. I'm only 2 episodes in and so far so good, ill keep you updated. Ye you seem like you have a life commitment with you anime list aha.
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