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Conversation Between Erza Uchiha and FairyTailWizard

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  1. It's no prob ^^
  2. Yay! Thanks so much=)
  3. Will do! I am sure we will get along Yolanda
  4. Thank you so much! Let's get along well,ok? Since you are a new and yet dear friend of mine, you can call me Yolanda(Fairy Tail nickname) or Xiang Mei(Middle name).
  5. Actually yes i am. I am her friend and since you are her friend, you are mine as well.

    It is nice to meet you to.

  6. Hi!! Nice to meet you. I'm FairyTailWizard as you can see. Are you one of Yangchen's friends?
  7. Yang..................thats another account (in an other game).........


    Oh hey btw
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