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Conversation Between Faux Angel and Mugiwara-no-Basuke

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  1. So be your wish conceeded xD
    Here's the link, hope you liked it!!

    Ha ha, I think I perfectly understand what you meant about America

    Well you MUST watch more anime!
  2. well then, lets hear something u wrote!!

    america.... i love it too i suppose, but its a complicated sort of love, so much to hate, but "america" isnt to blame .__. "america" is a beautiful idea, but its not quite what we try to pretend it is in reality

    and nope!! lol just FMAB, toradora... and the occasional romance
  3. You're welcome, really love your art (I love all kinds of art - writting, poetry, drawings of any kind, pictures, frames, sculptures... but I suck at everything except writting, poetry and taking photos so guess that answers your question )

    Lol, that's not surprising since I guess more than 50% of AF's users are from America, damn how I love your country!

    So, do you watch many animes?
  4. hi *waves* >.< thank you do you gfx as well? I don't socialize much around the forums anymore other than to read my cncs i get : |
    im kiyo btw,... from america lol
  5. Hey there, I'm Pedro from Portugal, nice to meet you, love your works
    So, how are you doing? ^^
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