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Conversation Between Faux Angel and .Tatty.

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  1. lol did u cry :3 :3 :3

    ._______. u sound like a mouse. u cant crush anything.
  2. Lies! >:

    i don't inspire people, I crush their dreams!
  3. .____. oops i thought i replied to this

    V.V u inspired me to try drawing somethng on ps.... i didnt try to vector it tho D: maybe i should have, cuz right now its kinda crappy
  4. Silly Americans >:

  5. But..... Britain = UK = England o.o ... golly i feel thoroughly uneducated about the world, aka American :|
  6. I don't care for grammar now, it tortures you! c:

    And Wales is in The UK >.>

    The UK is England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. xD
  7. >.> the grammar there is so wrong i shall not even attempt :3 :3

    .___. but... wales is in england. isnt it?
    i know this is true, because i read it in the book The Prince and the Pauper
  8. how very dare you.

    and yes...welsh are people
  9. :3 uh huh...

    >.> i think ur opinion of yourself is overrated <.< >.>

    wut... welsh isnt... anything that ive heard of... reminds me of gingers in manskirts for some reason tho

    unless... is welsh the same as wales?
  10. I was fast typing damnit!!!

    And what do you think :P

    ...get out
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