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Conversation Between Cherry Boom and Mugiwara-no-Basuke

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  1. I'm doing pretty fine thanks

    Watching Elfen Lied currently and loving it.
    Btw mind checking my poem plz? *pokes*
  2. No it's ok! I'm doing great ^^ how are you?
  3. Sorry, forgot to reply your VM
    So, how are you doing?

    Well, have a lot of fun/hope you had a lot of fun there
  4. that's cool. and lool have many more times are you going to change your avatar. I'm going to Zion Ponderosa
  5. Glad you do
    That's great! Where are you going?
    I got officialy on vacation tomorrow, so I'm doing fine Currently watching Durarara!! (episode 21) and loving it!
  6. I'm doing good tomorrow i'm leaving to go on vacation! and love your new avatar lol. How are you?
  7. Hey, forgot to reply your message

    So, how are you doing?
  8. oh yes would love to
  9. Don't cry, I'd love to go to States but so far only Europe and still not UK
    So I think it'd be almost a draw

    Btw, wanna check the latest photos on my thread?
  10. o.o so many places.
    My list is so little *cries* lol
    Utah (Bryce Canyon
    Arizona (Grand canyon)
    New Mexico
    Las Vegas lool
    and that's it ):
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