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Conversation Between Cherry Boom and Sighanide

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  1. That was the least artsy one I did xD
    These are some of the more recent ones
  2. I like the game! the little man was cute XD
  3. I mostly draw landscapes :3
    I Ain't good at people (in my opinion)
    Most of my art is from my games, whatcha think of this one?
    It's really basic, it was pretty rushed
  4. ^^ I LOVE to draw! i mostly draw people :3 what about you o3o
  5. Not much for Valentine's Day, and you were "forever alone" xD
    So, you like to draw? Whatcha draw?
  6. No i was alone Forever alone ): sorry i got back so late >.< how are you and what did you do for Valentine's day?
  7. It's a terrible joke xD
    So, doing anything for Valentine's Day?
  8. OH XD! now i get it lol
  9. the "p" is silent.
  10. Yeah i want to be a vet. And why :o?
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