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Conversation Between Cherry Boom and Sizary Momo

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  1. *hugs back* thank you. XD My aunt has a cat and when ever she leaves for vacation he gets mad and poops on her bed XDD
  2. *hug* it's ok.Sometimes it's nice to get home
    and not have to worry about dog poo all over the house. xD
  3. No sadly D: *cries*
  4. You don't have one? O.O
  5. XD thats soo cute and funny! man i want a pet now~
  6. Yeah.When she was a puppy all we would see was
    a puffy ball on the couch and we knew it was her. xD
  7. XD Boofy is a cute name o3o though i like Fluffy
  8. Well Boofy's name was originally Fluffy but
    then we started saying Buffy then Boofy! x3
  9. They are cute names :3 Did you name them? btw my cousin has two cats one of them he got on a Tuesday so he named her Tuesday XD
  10. You sure?My other dog's name is Boofy. xD
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