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Conversation Between Jozette and DOOM!

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  1. Spoiler? I knew that since S3 Episode 1; my intuition never lies. It sucks, and the producers didn't make that last episode a very thrilling one; they even expressed their resent through subtle hints in the show, but you're not mature enough, so you can't possibly understand the abstract messages thrown in this 10-year-old-girl's show.
  2. Lol. So what do you think about SPOILER: Twilight becoming an alicorn. *________*
  3. When n00bs who suck at posting take their stupidity to the next level, like making threads, someone has to tell them off. Just because the thread isn't against the rules and is borderline to spam doesn't mean it can have shit content at the OP's desire.
  4. Are you like the OP rater or something?
  5. How?
  6. You had it comming!
  7. Why?.... Just why
  8. <_<
  9. For the lulz, for the trollz, only because there is a Miscellaneous in it.
  10. so then tell me why are you on ANIME FORUM
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