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Conversation Between Jozette and KingArt

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  1. SPECTACULAR! One of the best animes I've ever seen.
  2. ^o^ wooo thanks, I love a lot of these. Vampire Knights<3 How was Durarara!! ?
  3. Have any animes you recommend? Currently watching Read Or Die lol it's a little strange
  4. Lol. That doesn't sound fun.
  5. I was home schooled for a grade ^_^ 8th, I was stuck in a body cast for half a year >.< and yah... I'm kinda the black sheep of the family lol all doctors and I'm just a Medical Assistant aka I warm the coffee for the doctors... lool
  6. O_O Disowns harsh? :O I'm young so I kinda float around. i'm homeschooled.
  7. Kinda, Been out of school for 2 years >.< extreme procrastination, just been working and trying to survive on my own. I start business school in March though :3 either that or the family disowns me -.- how about you?
  8. O_O yes I knew that the fire spreads. You're a college student aren't you?
  9. Yah, my diet is sad. Consists of cup noodle, cereal, and cheetos >.< I can't cook if my life depended on it. Last time I tried I burned my mothers kitchen >.> no one ever told me that you don't throw water on burning oil... what witch craft is that anyway?! They should really teach something like that in high school -.- Well I'm glad to say my eyebrows grew back to normal a few months later ^_^
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