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Conversation Between Jozette and Aznen

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  1. It's been so long.. I had'nt read.. It's my exam... half yearly... next is physics two days later..

    I hadnt read even half of the last chapter...
  2. I am waiting on the next chapter to come out 73 I think
  3. Yes.., I have... yes it is amazing... I start reading manga with kuroshitsuji..
    you just start??

    yes can say.., it is..!!<33
  4. have you read the black butler manga? I feel cheated it's soooo much better than the anime AND it's still going!~
  5. Exams was awesome!! I got second in IP ,too good in chemistry and another was good too...... let's wait for result....
  6. ^_^ yum! Think you did you on your exams?
  7. How nice you remember....
    thank you!!
    Offering Chocolate Cake....<3

    I was busy with ma exams now finished!!!
  8. Happy birthhday!
  9. no you thought all wrong..... I think you only want yourself to have a sexy butler in the world....

    YEH..... my third favourit I belive...!! oh no I can't rank them soooo
    why mikage is dead... Ahhhh I cry...
  10. lawl right I want to live in a world with sexy demon butlers everywhere! have you seen 07 ghost?
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