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Conversation Between Jozette and Mugiwara-no-Basuke

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  1. That's nice, I really love flying
  2. yeah although I 've been on planes alot of planes this was my first time without my sister i got in to my grandma's at 2.
  3. Ah ah
    So you travelled by plane?
  4. like 10 I have an old shonen jump with a dbz and op crossover I reread it on the plane yesterday it was funny XD.
  5. Well done Which OP episode are you now?
    I'm watching Durarara!! currently, it starts kinda slow and the first episodes I didn't find it anything special, but from about 7 (I'm on 17 now) it starts to ge really awesome if you haven't watched it already I strongly recommend you to do so!
  6. one piece (again)

    wait for the next episodes of
    naruto shippuden
    sket dance
    mysterious girl friend x

    I am also watching twinkle twinkle (a drama) 1000 vm's.
  7. Hi, how are you doing?
    Which animes are you currently watching btw?
  8. :P but I love that song
  9. lawl yeah he usually make parodies.
  10. Yeah, I heard only one some days ago: Kaito - Byakkoya No Musume (Vocaloid Cover) and I really liked it, sounds pretty robotic indeed
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