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Conversation Between Jozette and Kaleohano

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  1. i could never work in an office. I'd lose my mind, and the shape i'm in would vanish so quickly

    oh my gawd...anything but the shape I'm in!

    I'd probably end up being the disgruntled worker that kills everyone in the office one day.
  2. ^_^ yeah! But I want to be an actress people say I'm good and whatever I do I want to be far away for the office XD.
  3. F'k naw! I'm in the military right now. And when i have my own shop, you can bet your ass that i'm gonna hire someone else to do the paperwork. i'ma continue installing haha
  4. sounds like fun don't become a office geek 'k?
  5. no doubt. it was a great job. i do plan to open my own install bay/shop one day.
  6. lawl sounds like fun. ^_^
  7. and i didn't have to work a lot of hours. Having authority has its perks haha
    main ones being setting my own hours and having a very nice hourly wage
  8. Installing car Audio. But thats just work. it don't get recognized as bro-activities unless both bros work there.
  9. Income source?
  10. Staying with friends is always the best haha
    favorite time in my life was spent Living with my friend Andrew. That dude is my bro for life! We pretty much only did 2 things during that time. go out and party, then go camping and chill.
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