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Conversation Between Jozette and Sighanide

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  1. Hey, what's up?
  2. How I play Video Games:
    Hey Guys lets get together and do this one e-mote or some sh*t

  3. I haven't either
  4. I was really excited but then I got busy and I haven't seen it yet :G
  5. I've drunk BOILING water, and let me tell you...… never again.
    I had a burned tongue for like 2 weeks and it hurt to eat stuff T_T

    'nother SAO episode out today ;3
    WOOT, I'm an impatient little bastard. Well, not really little, but, whatever xD
  6. Have you ever...drank hot water like no flavor just hot water?
  7. I'm assuming you mean Garry.
    Ib, eh?I made a pixel horror game a little while back, it's not like Ib, but it doesn't have jumpscares, we made it scary through other means.
    I think we did pretty well, since we spent 4 years on it. (yes, 4 long years...)

  8. I LOVE IB! gar-bear is amazing!!!~
  9. Dat Ib Avatar.
  10. You get a huge HIGH FIVE THEN, i'm still waiting on episode 21. :/
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