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Conversation Between Jozette and Sighanide

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  1. In my (mostly) pacifistic regime, I would believe not to be struck by another to cause such pain (Sorry for complex language, I just recently watched a british movie having to do with shakespeare xD)
    Oh, and business. F*cking business. It sucks, doesn't it?
  2. I'm only doing it to let my hair grow out... X"D
    Also you did you get hit or something? *coughs*
    You should take it easy.
    Why are you moving around so much if I may ask.
  3. xD I know, I just don't get why it's only popular with (going to be politically correct here) the african-american population in (most commonly) America.
    I don't really like it either, but that's my opinion <_<
    Anyway, my pancreas hurts. (I haven't really much to say on the last topic, so I thought I'd start a new one xD)
  4. Like doing my hair takes a few hours. Also the reason I stated my being black is because it's a hair style that really only blacks get... Forget it.
  5. Oh, ok, I didn't think being black somehow magically affected the equation, but, ok? xD
  6. Good sir you are mistaken I mean that im getting my hair braided (I'm black) so I don't want my nieghbors to see my hair half done. Though I do get onthe computer after showers sometimes...
  7. Oh, well, you could just flash them. That's entertaining yet mostly just embarrassing/humiliating/OMG my neighbors totally think i'm a prostitute now (actual quote from person I wish I didn't know)

    Why the hell do you use your computer RIGHT AFTER YOU GET OUT OF THE SHOWER?! are you like, school age (my mother would murder me and turn my intestines into a pasta for that), or what?
  8. Sounds fun. However it's night now so no worries.... But I don't think my hair is going to be done until tomorrow....
  9. However, if this one observes a neighbor observing him whilst he is getting out of the shower, this one will grab the nearest pen and large piece of paper and write "Bitch, I'm coming for you" and stuff it in the window. Then quickly bake them a pie and go next door in which case I politely ask them to stop peeping at me. And that is a very fun way to scare your new neighbors.
  10. This one does not use the computer whilst getting out of the shower, but this one can understand based on the fact that this one is hiding from his boss in the mens restroom at the current time.
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