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Conversation Between Jozette and Sighanide

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  1. Well, that sucks. I'm a polar bear, I can sit on an ice block in an 18F room in a t-shirt, but I'll die at anything over maybe 85F xD
  2. It's nice but it's hot.
  3. Well, yay. Sorry for the mess, I also let Momo-(chan?) decide whether I should go or not, and she surprised me by telling me she named one of her pokemon after me O_o

    How's the weather where you are xD
  4. I did. And I'm not angry at you.
  5. A) CONTEXT.
    B) If you actually bothered to watch the video, It actually isn't hentai. I can say that I have never actually observed animated porn. This is a personal choice.
  6. Lol I was jokin I've no problem with hentai. But momo is young youth that shouldnt be exposed to thatt kind of stuff!
  7. Ma'am.

    A) Calm down.
    B) There's a thing called context, observe before you assume. There was a reason I posted the video on her page -_-
    C) I really didn't realize it would cause a ruckus, if you want me to get off this site and never use it again, say the word and *poof* I'm gone.
    D) Concerning C, I am serious. If you hate me enough to "ban" me from this site, i'll oblige.
    E) Concerning C and D, this is my way of saying sorry. If you want it to be, that is.
  9. Oh! Thats fine I'm sorry I love slender. ^_________________^
  10. Well, I don't have a face. I'm Slenderman, you see, and I'm now out to get you for offending me.
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