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Conversation Between Jozette and Sighanide

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  1. fiesta music? Is it cajun? of it is, invite me. if not, damn xP
    My foot fell asleep on the toilet...
  2. They have street parties every friday. Start playing some fiesta music and party all night! OH the people in front of our house are ghetto they start yelling and they work there! Other than that no.
  3. Well, I can't do hot. We seem to be in good places atm xD
    So, anything unusual happening in your neighborhood, because i've got the Ghost Busters on speakerphone...
  4. omg sounds cold I can't do cold.
  5. In da hood
    In live in Antarctica Jr. Come visit me sometime, it's a nice change of pace from hell xD
  6. Lol x"D I live in da hood!
  7. Perfect for me :3
    If I was where you are, I would be melting on the sofa and the floor would be a pool of sweat. You may as well thank god (or whoever) i'm not your neighbor xD
  8. Wow cold!!
  9. Good thing I live in Washington xD
    It's like 50 here during the day.
    It rains in the summer sometimes, one time it snowed in the middle of july back in 2008.
  10. Yeah it's 78 here in the middle of winter!!
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