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Conversation Between Jozette and nrL

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  1. NATEEEE~~ You still around how are you?
  2. btw who in ur profile, avy?
  3. I do spend alot of time on the forum. I also theme my stuff.
  4. Yes, I gave it some little changes a while ago. You see, I try to theme my profiles with my avatars.

    Anyway, do you spend all your free time on this forum? You seem to be online a lot.
  5. Your profile.
  6. Yeah, I like little girls. Beautiful, and esthetically appealing. But what makes you say that?
  7. Nathan is a girl??!?! Or do you have a case of the lolicons?
  8. A little? Thats a lot!! ? Nate...
  9. What do you mean "omg"?
    I just shortened it a little bit!
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