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Conversation Between Jozette and Naughty Dog

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  1. Woah man Calm down I have no beef with you. I'd just rather the chatters not to talk to her. weirdoes. Also I'm NEVER passive aggressive EVER if it seems so I'm not.
  2. Listen. She messaged me FIRST. I RESPONDED. It would be bad form if I didn't.

    You do not control who I talk to anyway. Don't cause meaningless drama, and keep your nose in your own business: if you have beef with me, say it instead of being a passive aggressive little girl and trying to lord over my interactions with other people.

    I apologize for saying she was on my friend's list, I actually thought she was. However, I will not apologize for talking to them.
  3. OH Nvm about the up so late comment.
  4. NO! //7 don't talk to her also I'm not a child!!! why are you up so late anyways...
  5. She spoke to me first, and she's on my friends list. Do not tell me who to converse with, child.
  6. Don't talk to momo-chan.
  7. <_<
  8. Who DARES to poke ME?!
  9. Who dares to poke me? //7
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