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Conversation Between Jozette and Daken.

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  1. Really? I thought it was... Or are you saying I'm not cool? 'cuz I thought I was too.
  2. Nowhere near cool.
  3. Yes I think it's nice and fuzzy but also cool Like me!~
  4. The shorter the better in my opinion. (;
  5. I was thinking of being "Jozzeh"
  6. Yeah I was waiting for the 30 days to be over with lol.
  7. You changed your name back!
  8. Mhmm, I only named myself Daken because he was my favorite Marvel Character lol. But I got into league of legends more. And I main zyra on there cuz shes a beast.
  9. Thats cool. ^^
  10. I liked it too, I might change back eventually to it.
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