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Conversation Between Cat Vargas and Sighanide

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  1. oh, i see, i see. I teach classes from time to time, as part of a summer program, and this time i had to go to SPAIN.
    i knew Italian, so i was ok, but not that good.
  2. oops sorry wrong coast... I live in Iowa, so basically either coast is two hours different from my time and I keep forgetting which is which
  3. no i live in Washington...
  4. Oh you on the east coast? Well I consider early...9...
  5. its like 7:00 AM here.
  6. depends on what you view as early.
  7. Ah ic I don't know many of those... so what brings you to af so early in the am?
  8. Ergo Proxy, legend of the legendary heroes, Pandora Hearts, Okami-san & her seven companions, Mushishi, so forth...
  9. So what are some of your favourite animes?
  10. Nice to meet you too.
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