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Conversation Between Cat Vargas and Sighanide

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  1. lol that makes it a little better
  2. well, I don't go to school, its my little bro. :3
  3. Oh funfunfun school activities best of luck
  4. true, very true. I'm just doing some gaming before heading over to my little bro's school potluck.
  5. o.O There's a reason for every stereotype
  6. now that i think about it, most Italians (not including myself) are kinda like hetalia's italy...
  7. xD I'm russian, I know everything about snow! Well, here I go~
  8. my brothers favorite quote from the show "VOOOOOODKAAAAA..."

  9. i know, i'm finding it pretty damn hilarious!
  10. Yes, and I'm sorry if the show offends you in any way =_=; its purely for fun, and exaggerates every possible point
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