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Conversation Between Cat Vargas and Sighanide

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  1. Good, a bit bored but that's school for ya. You?
  2. Yeah, its a good one. How you doing?
  3. Yeah its pretty funny
  4. I know of that one. I actually enjoyed it when my dad took me 4 years ago.
  5. How to succeed in business without really trying. It's like a movie/musical that both takes place in and originated in the 50's xD
  6. Ah, the school play. My little bro's school play is Much Ado About Nothing. I, myself, never got into shakespeare. What play did you perform? if i could, i would have seen it xD
  7. Missed you too
    I've been busy; the school musical was Friday and Saturday night
  8. I missed you. Why haven't we talked??
    I'm getting a PS3 soon, on a much lighter subject. :P
  9. xD What did you watch?
  10. Ah, crap, i'm to scared to get outta bed. damn youtube.
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