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Conversation Between Cat Vargas and Sizary Momo

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  1. Sad can be fun.If you act like you're happy. ^^
  2. There probably are, but almost definitely not here in Iowa. I need to find an outfit for complying Candace, from Phineas and Ferb, so anything I need for that should be easy to find at regular clothing stores. And don't be sad. Sad is no fun
  3. Just sitting here moping in my own tears. ^^
    Are there really shops that sell cosplays in the U.S?
  4. Pretty good, thanks. Basically waiting for my birthday to come and go so that I can see if I get enough monies to go cosplay shopping :3 Y tú?
  5. How are you today? :P
  6. Well met, Momo
  7. Good evening Ms Vargas! :3
  8. Cool.Hey how do you make art on devainart?
    I'm new there so it's hard for me.
  9. Yeah, school is like the only time I'm on it, I'm on deviantArt whenever I get on the computer at home
  10. You were on AF during school?
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