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Conversation Between Cat Vargas and Albear

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  1. Hey how are ya?
  2. Katsucon. Located in Washington DC's national harbor. You can look it up if you want.
    The con is smaller compared to fanime or anime expo, but from the pics and videos I've seen of it, the place is really nice looking.
  3. Um....Fanime and Anime Expo. I would love to go to either of those. You?
  4. Would be better if you went there and I went there.. I'd say hi and say "you're Cat Vargas from AF!" Then disappear in the crowd because Acen is so crowded.
    What is your Dream con? Without the minor.
  5. o.O I'll be so jealous if you go to Acen- that's like my minor dream con
  6. Lemme see, Acen(maybe), youmacon, theme park, the beach, stalking hot girls in that beach(just kidding), marshmallows....
  7. Not much other than Anime Iowa. You?
  8. I know.. So what do you have planned during the summer.
  9. Mann, reality can be a real bitch sometimes
  10. I'd use a portal gun to warp some jello to ya, but then reality slapped me in teh face.
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