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Conversation Between yanarii and kuroobunny

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  1. don't worry about it... as long as your reply
    i'll probably be busy soon too, specially when school starts.
  2. Omo! Sorry for the late response. I was became busy. Will be busy in le future, too for sure!
  3. haha,. since summer started, i have also been sleeping in the morning! xD
    i wanna sleep, but i also don't want to xP
  4. Yey! Haha. Well, trying to sleep. I haven't had my sleep yet. And it's 6 in the morning. Grrrr..
  5. my golly you're right! haha! cheers to us! yeah!!!!
    so what are you doing now ?
  6. Heyyy! We're already members! We're not JUNIOR Members anymore. YEY!
  7. Yup. I read the manga already so I don't think I have to watch the anime

    I like La Corda for these reasons, It was about music, the art was great, and maybe I liked the plot a little.
  8. La Corda.. Well.. It actually didn't satisfy me. But because it's connected to music, I enjoyed watching it. I haven't watched the second season, too.
    Kimi ni Todoke, the 2nd season is about the remaining chapters after the season one's episodes. So if you're reading the manga, you don't have to watch the anime.
  9. Ooohhh,. I've watched the 1st season of Kimi ni Todoke already, we have one here at home We'd also like to watch the 2nd season but sadly, we haven't been able to see where we could but it but I'm currently reading the manga

    For La Corda, I did watch Primo Passo already but I wasn't satisfied with the ending. I was hoping that she would end up with Len or one of them but nothing happened T.T

    Oh, okay, I'll try to see if I'll be able to read your recommendation
  10. Okay, I'll be reading it! Wow, there are soo many mangas I have to read. I think I won't be bored till July this year!
    Really? I think I've already read that chapter, but I'll check.
    You should watch it. I recommend Kimi ni Todoke, too. If you're into those type of anime. Or La Corda D' Oro. They're soo sweet.
    Manga... I recommend you read Koukou Debut. It's finished, though there's a continuation manga entitled Enren Debut. There is also a live action of this manga, you can watch in on sites like YT.
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