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Conversation Between yanarii and gff135

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  1. haha, well. that's how it is.
    i don't know why but i got addicted to it.
    maybe it's because i like the pictures that i see there??
    there are a lot of quality photos there.
  2. i have friends that use it . ive watched them its strange
  3. really? well at first i was like... okay...
    and then after a while i got addicted to it.
    if you're not from tumblr then you won't get that site. lol.
    people there (including me xD) have their own world.
  4. i dont get that website
  5. really?
    well, i used to be on fb often, then i got bored. haha.
    so now i'm on tumblr most of the time xP
  6. im on fb often
  7. hmmm.. nothing much. just doing the same old stuff
    (facebook,tumblr,twitter,animeforum,deviantart,etc ...) haha,. basically spending my time online xD
    cause there's nothing else to do xD
  8. hi wat up
  9. naw
  10. oh, i thought you meant working as in work/job. haha..
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