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Conversation Between yanarii and gff135

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  1. im hre if u wanna tlk
  2. nothing much, been watching some movies and k-dramas in the laptop 'cuz i got nothing else to do. lol.
  3. wat up?
  4. yay
  5. yeah, i can see that thank you )
    i'm also here if you just wanna talk, i'll reply whenever i'm online.
  6. im always here if u need to tlk or if ur bored
  7. i always repliy
  8. haha, so far i'm not addicted to here yet.
    but i log-in pretty mush everyday because i talk to people here
    it's great that they reply (i'm counting you as well).
  9. im getting addicted to here and animelyrics
  10. thats cool
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