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Conversation Between Homura and Sighanide

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  1. well then...
  2. Hehe, Okay then~! Oi, thanksgiving coming up.....Meh, I really do hate thanksgiving!
  3. It was about myself and what I learned over the past few years. It was actually pretty interesting, knowing I have a very eccentric lifestyle. and i do not mean that sexually. Just making that clear.
  4. You probably did great so like....uh..great job~ Oi, what was the speech about anyway?
  5. There aren't all that many who can, and I can't really either. I was scared as heck, And it took a lot of encouragement to just get on stage. So i did my best, and I hope i did well.
  6. I couldn't never do a speech. I hate talking infront of alot of people ;A;
    Ha,I would mess up soo bad!!
  7. Er, it was pretty good. I could've done better, but i did pretty well. :P
  8. Oh.oh god.I feel guilt soooryyy dude!!!
    and Ahh, how was you speech....he..he..O3O
  9. Y u no talk to me?
  10. Not terribly. However realizing you ran outta pills, like i did tonight, sucks HARD. Plus, its the night before a speech. perfect. god. damn. time. T_T
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