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Conversation Between moogoesthecow5 and Maki the contractor

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  1. Hello moo
    I'm maki the contractor but you can call me maki
    I like sweets and musicc as well but I couldn't survive a day without them!
    I don't have any talent at all.
    I don't have any pets
  2. very vaild reason! XD
    Well, hello I be moogoesthecow5. But that's redicuously long, so call me moo or moocows or somthin of the sort. XP
    I love sweets and music. (Serriously I would die if I went more than 4 days without them.)
    I play piano and viola.
    I have 4 pets. 2 turtles, one fish, and one bunny! Who by the way ish adorable! >.<
    Now, your turn! >3<
  3. I wanted to get know more people!
  4. hello! >.< And what brings you to my profile page?
  5. Hello there!
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