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Conversation Between moogoesthecow5 and Sighanide

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  1. Oh cool. Before I forget:
    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! >.<
    A little late, but whatever. :P
  2. What Did I get for what, Christmas or for Job?
    For Christmas I got a bunch of gift cards.
    For a job, I get to work out the final kinks of a game: Metro: Last Light. It's Awesome, really.

  3. Hello! I've missed you~ XP lolz What job did u get?
  4. Well, hi. I've been AFK for awhile, got a new job
  5. lol yeah.
    The good thing is that I've got a five day break from school for Thanksgiving. XD I can finally sleep in!!!!!
  6. I dunno.
    school still killing you?
  7. Idk, just anything new, or interesting you wanna share. I'm kinda running out of topics to talk about :P
    And election day was today! No school!
    Now I gotta go finish up mah homework...
  8. This is why you live on the west coast, children. xD

    what do you mean by news?
  9. awwww thx~ and I'm back! WHOO! I just got back yesterday, and the temperature is so different now. Its freaking freezing -.-
    Cuz of the hurricane, I only missed like 3 days of school, but u would not believe how much work I missed in 3 days! Waaayyyyy too much, or maybe im just lazy :P
    ANYWAYS... u got any news cuz I would luv to hear it~ >.<
  10. got it. kinda sucks, considering you're awesome :/
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