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Conversation Between moogoesthecow5 and Sizary Momo

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  1. Haha!Your little sister is a genius! x3
    My friends on the other hand talk about
    their "Gummy Bear Armies" yeah....we're a
    "special" group of friends. >:3
  2. OOOOOOO it was just a bruise. Well that's better than a broken finger XD
    DX Wry?! I care about you!!! T-T
    lolz I had to turn in a project, and the best thing about having Science 8th period, is that I have two free periods to finish up projects. XD While the other classes don't have any. :P
    Also, my sis, mom and I were downstairs eating stuff, when my mom said that she and my sister was perfect. (I was like ouch what about me?! But that's not the point.) This is what my sis said afterwards: "I'm not perfect, because I'm human, and humarns aren't perfect... that means mom is a robot."
    lol I love my lil sis. XD
  3. Oh.Wait it was just a bruise. Phew.... ^^"
    I was surprised u cared though. O.O
  4. What?!
    What happened?!
    If you can move your finger it means it's not broken... I think...
  5. That's nice. *drools* I want cupcake.ಠ_ಠ
    Anyways i got to play dodgeball today! But i think i might
    have broken my finger. ;-;
  6. Two people got into a fight?! See kids... this is why violence is not the answer, cuz it prevents you form playing dodgeball. >3<
    Today was my last day of Tech-Ed. On Monday, I'll officially start Art. (Although I would prefer to just take Tech-Ed all year)
    My friend brought in cupcakes for everyone in Tech-Ed to eat, so I got a cupcake. Then at lunch, she gave me another cupcake, cuz she had some left over. XD
    So basically I had two cupcakes today, and I'm really happy. >.<
  7. That sucks. :/
    I get to play dodgeball tomorrow.
    We couldn't play today because two
    people started fighting and punching each other.T^T
  8. lol my friend is learning about bacteria in Science, so they got to make yogurt. I have yet to hear what it tastes like. XP
    Monday is gonna be fun... math test that the whole district has to take. The thing that really sucks though, is that I just had a math test today, yesterday, and now I have one on monday. -.-
  9. It tasted alright.But everything had sour yogurt on it
    which ruined it.
  10. So you're one year older than me. :3
    Did it taste good?
    All I did in Scince today was work on a project -.- Twas really boring.
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