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Conversation Between moogoesthecow5 and Sizary Momo

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  1. So weird! xD
  2. lol yeaz... :P
  3. That video.....O.O
  4. lol yes I've seen it before. I found that song from dis vid
    The pep ralley was fun-ish >.< Got kinda boring after a while. :P The 6th graders were annoying, constantly blowing those horns. -.- I don't know why our school decided to sell them this year. I think I'm deaf. T-T
    My art teacher also gave us doughnuts and candy today, for no good reason. She had a whole bag of candy, and she just dumps the whole thing onto a tray, and says, "I'm trying to get rid of these, so take as much as you like." So we were basically shoving handfulls of candy into our pockets. X3
  5. Yeah...O.O

  6. Are you talking about Rainbow Trololol?
    Have you seen that Italian singer sing that
    Troll song?! O.O
  8. OH NUUU NOT YOU TOO!!!! Someone kill me now... T-T *depression*
    My school is having a pep ralley tomorrow, and our arch eniems (Welsh Valley) is have a white out, so we're having a black out. I'm kinda tempted to show up in a neon yellow shirt tomorrow. Just to be a troll. XP
  9. Haha! Nerd Festivals are so fun~ x3
    Maybe I should get a rubix cube. O.O
  10. ...Gummy bear armies? Whaaa...
    My firends can talk about Minecaft ALL DAY LONG! Don't get me wrong Minecraft is pretty fun and all, but after hearing people blab about it all the time, it gets pretty annoying -.-
    One of my friends apparently also "brought the rubix cube back". She looked up on YouTube how to solve it, and then memorized the pattern thingy, and showed some people at school. Some other people wanted to learn how to do it, so they brought their won rubix cubes in... and now there are freaking rubix cubes EVERYWHERE! T-T
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