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Conversation Between HairyCockroach and Zainox

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  1. Better than nothing. :P
  2. It really does suck but I work with what I got. Thank god for mobile apps. XD
  3. Thanks for the add!
    Whaa! Mobile internet! D:
    That sucks. :<
    Fo shaw!
  4. I could help teach you. I know the basics pretty well. I know there's tons of websites that would help but I only have mobile internet at the moment.
  5. I know very little, so I avoid that section. I would love to learn Japanese. What I know so far is pretty much thanks to anime. :P
    Tried learning via some online sites? Not that I know of any, I just know they exist.
  6. I've been trying to liven it up but so far no good. It's pretty depressing cause I need serious help with my Japanese.
  7. Oh cool! I love Growlithe, especially Arcanine!
    Good to hear!
    Yeah some area's are alot more dead than others, especially that one. D:
  8. Thank you! I got it from an artist I found off of Tumblr. I can't remember his name, but he has a whole series of Pokemon wearing onesies of their evolution.
    So far it's not too bad here. There isn't a whole lot of threads that get posted that interest me though, and I wish the Japanese board was more active. Almost no one posts there.
  9. No problem! A while, since 2007 I think. :P
    How you liking it so far? I like your avatar btw!
  10. Hi there. Thank you for welcoming me to AF. How long have you been here?
    To answer your question, I don't have much experience with Japanese individuals so I'll just go with Japan.
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