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Conversation Between Hakoshi and Mugiwara-no-Basuke

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  1. I really hope so
  2. yeah..

    they might, it was a good anime and manga xD
  3. Yeah, taht would be good, 12 episodes is very short, I really like DW
  4. I see xD
    well I'll consider watching it lol
    when I have time orz
    Deadman Wonderland is a good anime, hopefully season 2 comes out
  5. But you shouldn't 'cause it's great!
    Meanwhile I've finished it and am close finishing Deadman Wonderland, which I like pretty much too
  6. nah, never really did lol

    I heard about it, but was lazy to watch xD
  7. Hi
    I'm currently watching Durarara!! and simply loving it after the slow start, have you ever watched this anime?
  8. np~ xD
  9. Both seem interesting, thanks
  10. well, so far they seem ok
    Dog Days' is a sequel to Dog Days , so you'd have to watch season 1 first, then Dog Days' , its about a boy who gets transfered/summoned to a different land, where everyone has dog ears and tails, and many other kinds like cats, and bunnies and such. He goes to help the kingdom in "war" lol
    Campione! can't really say what its about.. but so far this guy is returning this "grimoire", and he ends up fighting with gods or so .. its interesting lol
    most of the animes in season right now, are on episode 2 or so xD
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