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Conversation Between Hakoshi and Sighanide

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  1. College actually isn't that bad, believe me. With the social occurrences (e.g. parties, if you do that kind of thing) it feels like maybe even less work than High School
  2. mm, don't have a job still studying in school xDD

    next year I'll go to college (if lucky orz)
    orz collegeee.. oh noes ; ;
  3. That's very true
    how about you?
  4. nice, hopefully you do xDD

    sometimes having a job is better than not having one at all , or so I think
  5. I took an interview for a new one yesterday, I hope I get it
  6. dang o:

    well you'll find a new job I hope xD
  7. Well that makes two of us. I just quit my job recently, that was probably the best thing I have ever done
  8. I'm doing good xD
    bored, but good o3o/

    how about you? o:
  9. Well, then, hello :3
    How you doing?
  10. not anymore o:

    Hello. o:
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