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Conversation Between CiCi_Smallz_17 and SuXrys

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  1. Wasssssuuuuup!! lol :P

    I just answered your friend request and now I am looking at your wall to find out more about you (le lurking like a boss). I just saw that you wrote on your own wall when trying to reply to luv_the_unloved. You need to write a new reply to him. You see; you have to get your reply to get on their wall - or else they won't see your reply until the next time they look directly on your page. If you want to reply to someone then click on "view conversation" (it's to the right of a message) and write in there. That way your reply will get on their wall, instead of on your wall. Smart eh? :P

    Oh! Welcome to animeforum!
  2. wassup...
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