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Conversation Between AkanoYoru and Sizary Momo

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  1. LOOK AT IT!!!!

  2. Yup, my picture (and link to my art thread).
    And yes, I am sick.
  3. Honey-sempai's eyes are adorable.Sir are you sick?Because Honey's
    eyes are the cutest and least scariest.I'm tracing some eyes right now.
    Thanks for the tips.And is that your drawing?
  4. Those eyes scare me. His stare reminds me of Kyubey /人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\
    When drawing from references, it is important to be able to break the subject down into simple shapes. If you want to learn how to draw eyes like that, trace it (off your screen or print it) and break it down into a framework. Here's an example of how my framework progresses to a finished picture (although I used no references)

    There is a phrase that goes something like "it takes an artist 10,000 drawings to get to the good stuff", meaning it takes practice to get to a "professional" level. However many cartoons aren't "professional", or even geometrically possible -mainly American ones, like "Adventure Time".
  5. I want to learn how to draw anime eyes like the ones
    in Ouran High School Host Club.
  6. Anything and everything you're interested in. Just remember if you showcase it somewhere (deviant art or the forum) mention it is was traced for educational purposes
    I have a fondness for the Tony Takaya's (spelling?) style, where the colors tend to flow into each other, although most works tend to be ecchi
  7. But what should i trace?
  8. What I did was to look at how other artists drew the eyes, combined what I liked and practiced. Even tracing allows one to build skills. By tracing one gains a grasp on proportions and shape firsthand, rather than learning through trial and error. However works such as these (I believe one would call them a "Study") should only be showcased as a study, not an original work
  9. Can you give me tips on how to
    draw the eyes?
  10. I like the duality of the style japanese cartoons have (both simplicity and complexity at the same time).
    I have several pages of manga/anime eyes that I use for reference, however I've found eyes becoming easy. It's the placement of them I tend to derp up on.
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