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Conversation Between AkanoYoru and Thefringedninja

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  1. Argh...sounds tough! I'm not really good with computers apart from the basic forum, youtube etc.
    Yeah, I could see how that may be a bit hard to get over...xD Alucard is pretty f'ed up! :P
    I agree that they usually do, but it's just generally not compatable with the western sense of humour, so some jokes just go over my head.
  2. With most of the subs I watch said cultural matters are explained... thank goodness for fansubs. But the first time I heard Crispin Freeman he was voicing Alucard, and whenever he is voicing other characters and gets angry all I can think of is Alucard... which is awkward when watching something like Chobits
    I just spent the entire day wading through code to make a website for my webcomic, and I'm halfway done.
  3. I totally agree! Crispin Freeman is really good actually, but then again, I haven't watched the subs, so I don't know what the original "Orange boy" sounds like! xD
    I think it really depends on the genre as well. With quite a lot of animes which have a comedic element it is better to watch them in the dub as they edit the jokes a little bit so that we can understand them, as some jokes are concerning cultural matters in Japan. I might start watching Gurren Lagann in the dub then, once I've finished watching these other series!
    How are you doing?
  4. The english dub is quite good (I've never watched the sub), but I have not watched Code Geass Dubbed. I can't imagine Crispin Freeman voicing "Orange".
    I don't like people who insist on subs. Some times dubs are good (like Gurren Lagann), but other times they're quite painful (like the old Guyver series), and other times they are good but don't keep faithful to the original japanese voices (Stein's; Gate).
  5. LOL I had a teacher like that, except he didn't have a whole body, but bones which he carried around in a suitcase xD
    Ahhh...we don't really have thrift stores so much here, but we have charity shops where money goes towards specific charities e.g. the RSPCA (have you heard of this one?).
    We're watching Gurren Lagann in my college's anime club at the moment. They insist that we only ever watched it in eng sub, but I really want to watch this one in the english dub as the va who plays Simon is Yuri whatshisname who also voices Suzaku in Code Geass. Would you say the english dub is any good?
  6. I'm currently in an anime slump, wandering from show to show. My favorites (in no particular order) are Spice and Wolf, Gurren Lagann, Outlaw Star, The Guyver, Serial Experiments Lain, Gasaraki and Gankutuo (I have many more, but cannot remember them).
    I get my suits (currently at about 4) at the local Goodwill. The prices are low and some of my money goes to a good cause. Plus it's a good place to get records and used electronics... I love thrift stores.
    Mentioning a skeleton reminded me of the baseball cap-wearing skeleton my 9th grade biology teacher had in his closet. No one knows who it was except that he donated his body to science.
  7. Oh and Naruto Ship is also a fav
  8. Wow...that's awesome Don't suits cost quite a lot to buy though? The things Leicester are famous for include the hometown of the Attenborough brothers and the place where DNA fingerprinting was discovered. Oh yes! Also recently they found a skeleton under a car park and they think it may be the lost one of Richard II! xD
    Anime...all different kinds! At the moment I am watching the second season of Code Geass and reading Naruto Ship. I'm also watching Star Driver, Gurren Lagann and Sword Art Online in my anime club! So a lot! :P My favourite animes have to be Ouran High School Host Club, Death Note, Fruits Basket and Sekaiichi Hatsukoi! What about you?
  9. The city I'm in is the biggest city in Vermont (bigger than the capital), and is populated with a bunch of anarchist hippies who can't even make proper postmodern art and a street rapper named "Cornbread".
    One of my friends at Daniel Webster wore a duster and smoked a pipe. Similarly, I enjoy wearing a suit; once the cold weather starts rolling in I'll be donning a nice warm cape and refurbished Halloween top hat and bring some class to the cultural desert I live in.
    In the meantime, what sort of anime do you like to watch?
  10. Ahhh...never been there I'm afraid! xD I haven't actually seen a police car/policeman thus far in Leicester (where I study), but it's a pretty quiet town full of mostly students and old people!
    That's one of the reasons I chose to study here! That and the fact that there are some awesome people living here...for instance, I saw a man in a bowler hat smoking a pipe the other day!
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