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Conversation Between Samuru and Faux Angel

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  1. Sure you are.. That's not very difficult me being only 17 :/ . I can behave more mature than you though ;D.
  2. im older than you are

    fu fu fu fu
  3. Not just I guess :/. So tell me something about yourself..?
  4. XDD

    i guess >.>
  5. Only 17 :3 But I can be very mature for my age!
  6. well, how old are you?
  7. Single has such good positive sides... I don't know what I want to be! -,-
  8. Double post x.x
  9. Waaaaaaaah nuuuuuuu *runs like hell*

    V.V i was kidding ne ne
    Im single for life :3
  10. Will you, Samuru, take this Faux Angel, to be your lovely willed wife.

    YES I DO
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