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Conversation Between Samuru and RyuTama

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  1. Oddly, some of the Japanese computer games that I've downloaded only have the Italian language option. Ao Oni is one of them. Maybe I should make a project to make a German version, it's a fairly short game. I'd really have to brush up on it though. ;-;

    Anyway I've played some Japanese visual novels, and simple games like PokÚmon, although I'd learn a fair amount via language sites beforehand. :P I'd like to move onto some survival horror games, but I have a feeling the dialogue would just go by too fast, especially if I'm panicking and can't concentrate... XD Maybe another time lol.
  2. Most EU games have a German language option ^^. But how did you learn Japanese through games?
  3. Yeah, actually videogames are a pretty decent way to learn context and structure. o; I've done the same thing with Japanese and Italian. I have yet to find anything in German though. ^^;
  4. Been learning English ever since I started playing video games (at the age of 4), German and French in school, a bit of Russian in my free time. I know dat feel bro, I have the same problem now :/.
  5. Ja, aber nur ein bi▀chen. :x I've become so damn rusty since High School. Learning three different languages simultaneously isn't exactly the wisest choice I've ever made. xD How'd you learn all those languages? A program? Private tutors? Tell meeeee plz. D:

    But I'm doing good I guess. I think I have too much free time... that or I'm just forgetting everything important.
  6. K÷nnen Sie keine Deutsch sprechen?
    Too bad :P. Yeah, I never really read them either... I wrote one to fit in :3. So how are you Ryutama-san?
  7. I'm still jealous though. xD I've been studying German, Italian, and Japanese for a while now, but I'm nowhere near fluent. :x I'd like to learn French and Russian at one point as well. ^^

    And I skimmed it. :B I was bored, lol.
  8. I can get around using those languages, but I'm not a pro or anything... Well no problem I guess :P. Did you take the trouble to read it now?
  9. Ohsnap I never noticed your "about me" in the intro thread before. I didn't know you spoke German, French and Russian. щ(║Д║щ) So damn jealous. Morrowind and Dynasty Warriors FTW.
  10. Ah, I see! Brofist then, Paramore rocks!
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