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Conversation Between AnimeLover857 and Sighanide

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  1. But, anyway, At my little brothers school, there is a kid a few grades below him, and he's addicted to video games, so much that he's has a lot of trouble doing his schoolwork because of it. Now, the principal of the school wants me to talk to him, because i make games, and wants to establish i kind of...rewards system. saying that, if he gets some schoolwork done, i'll get to teach him some of my knowledge. It'll be a strain on my schedule, but i think i'm willing to help.
  2. xD, well that was funny. i guess.
  3. oh sorry i left my computer but i was still logged on. sorry. v,v
  4. my comp lied to me.
  5. Hello? You still there?
  6. i think mine might be Ergo Proxy or Mushishi. Either one is amazing.
  7. that is one pretty awesome mindfuck, if you'll pardon my language.
  8. my number one anime is currently death note.
  9. I like it a lot, probably somewhere in my top ten. Not first, but top ten.
  10. yeah its good. >.<
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