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Conversation Between AnimeLover857 and Sighanide

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  1. Whatcha think of the game?
  2. >.< nuuuuu i dont have anything else to talk about. dang...
  3. i know. He's a bit awkward though. no problem with that, he's just a bit to, into it.
  4. oh that was cool. and im not saying u shouldnt help lil people. just that its cuute. >.<
  5. Anyway, i got a game up FOR RETAIL on Steam
    Heres the Steam page & trailer:

    Im pretty proud of myself xD
  6. Why not help little people?
  7. why not what???
  8. xD, yeah. Why not?
  9. im online now and aw yr helpin lil people. >.<
  10. i'm assuming your not online now either.
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