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Conversation Between AnimeLover857 and Sighanide

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  1. i play games like kingdom hearts and pac-man ;p
  2. RPG's. are you talking about J RPG's(final fantasy, arc fantasia, etc.) or RPG's(Mass Effect, Skyrim, Demon Souls, etc.)

    i play everything. except porn games and J RPG's.
  3. i like to play leveling up type games with cool lookin people and a good plot. im...a...not really sure how to put that in one word though...
  4. don't like horror games?
    what kind of games do you play?
  5. im actually really good at video games.
  6. i do play games just not that game. ~,~
  7. you left your comp running?
  8. oh, and refreshing the page usually makes messages come faster xP
  9. why, do you not play games?
  10. it looks cool but i wouldnt play it.
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