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Conversation Between AnimeLover857 and Simphoni

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  1. Really????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I finished it!! Abd I loved it a lot!! It was a sad ending though.... But what about Blood+?? Thats a SUPER cool anime too!!
    And Diva's song is simply beautiful!!!!!

    I like anime songs too!!!!XD But I listen to bands like Paramore, Flyleaf, Coldplay, Linkin Park, Evanescence, Asian Kung-fu Generation, F(x) and more... I just cant think of any!!XD
  2. claymore isnt the type of anime i like but i still think its good. and vocaloid is the computerised singers right??? ~.- i dont have any favorite bands because i cant remember the names of the bands. >.> but i like screamo, techno, trance, lil bit o pop, and nickie minaj. oh and of course anime songs. ;p what type of music do you like??? >_<
  3. Well.... Tell me what you think of it!!! I really like that anime!!^^
    Oh!! I love vocaloid i still dont know all of them!! But I know their names and that! But there are new 1's too
    Oh well.... anyway!! What are your favourite bands?
  4. ill look at the trailer for claymore and no i dont know vocaloid but iv heard tht word somewhere...
  5. COOL!!!! Then I'll start watching it!! Im watching an anime thats a hell load of action but it does a small twist of rmance!! But no dramatic love there!! But it is super sweet when the glimpse is there!! Its an anime named "Claymore"
    Its really good as well!!!
    I wonder if theres a manga!.... Hmmmmm Anyway!!
    Do you know vocaloid?
  6. oh yeah. ao no exorcist is extremely good. it has loads of action but not a lot of dramatic romance. just a little but its still sweet.
  7. OH!!! WHEW!!!! Good then!!XD
    Is that a cool anime?? Is there action and romance??
  8. oh no its not bad i was just confused. and im currently watching ao no exorcist.
  9. No!!! I dont know you at all!! Why...... Is that bad! Am I being too much to handle!! Sorry about it.... I was just trying to kill the awkwardness of meeting someone new!! Sorry Nime~chan!!
    Oh!! I was using Snazzy a lot a few weeks ago!! Its like saying cool!! But replace the word cool with the word snazzy!!..... I have gone passed that word now!!XD

    Sorry!! I've been on and off!! I was writing exams but now they're done so I'm here now!!! (^0^)

    Any anime you're currently watching??
  10. hello?
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