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Conversation Between kyoshiro20 and Sizary Momo

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  1. Kawaii ^_^

    The fact that we're talking about Bleach shows that I'm receptive to it.
    However, right now, I'm not ready to take on another big series like bleach to be honest. I honestly would have alot to catch up. IF I were to take on a big series anytime soon, I would probably consider Gintama if anything. Do you know anything about it, if so, would you recommend it?
  2. i also like Nel!
    she's so cute!!!
  3. I actually found that to be quite funny, more so than being akward. Maybe thats just me.
  4. Byakuya makes it an akward moment

  5. mmmmmm butter on Byakuya's sword, tasty, j/k.

  6. Gennosuke looks scary...I like Byakuya
    better!!!Byakuya is cool...
  7. Actually it isn't. although you're not the first to say that either.
    It's actually Gennosuke from Basilisk (which I haven't seen yet, ironic isn't it?)
  8. Naruto is my enemy...
    Not a huge fan...
    Your avatar reminds me of
    Byakuya from Bleach.
  9. Talking about being picky, the answer is no.
    Typically, though, I don't watch what some would call "mainstream" anime. If I do get into a series, I like it to be a lesser known anime.
    But, I do read the Naruto manga, if that counts for mainstream. But, for the most part, nothing.
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