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Conversation Between kyoshiro20 and SuXrys

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  1. You mean the name SuXrys? Hm.... Im not sure. It was more a name that I just randomly did by putting some letters together. I have heard however that english speakers think it sounds like something while reading it, lol, but since I arn't one of them I don't get it. xD Maybe you could explain that to me?
  2. Hello SuXrys.
    Where did you get that name from?
  3. I am myself often to tired to engage myself in new shows right now. It has happened that I have opened a new show up to watch the first episode but then it just ends up with me getting tired of it almost straight away... I just wants to sleep. -___- ZZZzzzZZzzzzzzzz
  4. Sounds like me honestly. I've only started, but I'm not committed to it most of the time (too much time on photoshop lol).
  5. Gintama, Naruto Shippuuden, Tegami Bachi and Inuyasha and such. Doesn't follow so many animes anymore. The only animes that I currenly follow are Naruto Shippuuden and Gintama.
  6. Hmm, lets see here
    Naruto, clannad after story, trigun, kimi ga nozomu eien, gundam seed destiny, tengen toppa gurren laggan, flcl, rideback, cowboy bebop, freedom, samurai 7, samurai x to name a few.

    How about you?
  7. What animes do you like?
  8. Yes that does sound simpler
  9. Hey Kyu, if you want to reply back to someone click on 'view conversation' and write in there. That way your reply will get on that persons wall instead of your own. Right now people won't see that you have replied back to them until they go back in here, but if you'll click on 'view conversation' and write in there your post will get on their wall + that they will get a notification about it.

    Simplier, yes? ^___^
  10. Yes thank you for a lively welcome.
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