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Conversation Between .SophieChan~ and Monstré Charmant

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  1. Haha well someday . Hmm i dont really know :3
  2. Got any plans for visiting there soon? Where else would you like to someday visit? xD
  4. Hopefully!
    Any places you wish to visit?
  5. Haha i hope you do that someday ^^
  6. That's pretty cool though.
    I've heard Sweden was a pretty place. I wish to visit someday!
  7. Haha jokin ^^ i was born i sweden like 10 years ago and then my mom wanted to go back to london so i didn't want to leave her alone . Thats my story ^^
  8. Yesh ^^
  9. Thank you. Yours is nice too!
    If you don't mind me asking, are you Swedish?
  10. Ohh i dont really mind ^^ Nice name you have ther O.O
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