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Conversation Between .SophieChan~ and Emerald14

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  1. YAYZ I HELPED SOMEBADY FIND A NEW MANGA YAYS. but yeah, im kinda loving life right now. only a few more months till i graduate. I can't wait, and then its off to college. yet, teh mangaz and ze animez shall never die!
  2. Haha no but gonna read it ^^. Thanks for telling meh it looks awsome
  3. meh, bored now xD haz u Mahou Sensei Negima? HOLY CRAP YES if you did lol
  4. Oh so what happend then?
  5. NO its NOT AWESOME!! i'm dyin here kotaru....sheesh.... x__x
  6. Haha awsome ^^
  7. Now that i look at DOES kinda look like an avatar. EH , whatever though. I'm chilling. I had to move, so i have the most ridiculous daily routine now, its killing me... X___X
  9. Ohhh ^^ Im good and thanks for using the avatar i made (Its actually a signature ) btw dosent suxrys know that haha
  10. MY SWEET KOTARUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!! I'VE ABANDONED YOU AND THE FORUM DUE TO MY OWN REASONS, BUT I'VE COME BACK FOR YOU (and SuXrys, but he doesn't know that....he doesn't get the special treatment) how are you? and i'm SO going to use the avatar you made for me, thank you
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