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Conversation Between .SophieChan~ and Sighanide

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  1. Wait what? I was talking about Bakuman

    I make video games, yeah, and stuff kinda anime related, but no manga/anime D:
  2. Woah that's really awesome drawing your own manga `^^!! I wish to see it tho : 3!
  3. Epic anime of awesome

    About drawing manga, with some romance and shizzle mixed in. It's really fun, comedic, riveting, and just awesome overall.
  4. Im going to try watching bakuman ^^!
  5. Oh, so now you like that "Date Alive" anime? Cool, I wasn't really able to finish it. Got caught up watching Bakuman.
  6. Noooooot much! Well, yeah, I feel good, I got praise for a game I made, but that's pretty much it.

  7. Veryyyy Guud! What about you : )?
  8. So, what's up?
  9. and another change of name
  10. Meh of course! :3..
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